Our environmental initiatives

Our corporate activities are based on a management policy that emphasizes CSR (corporate social responsibility). We would like to fulfill our corporate social responsibility for the future of our children and the global environment.
We are working to reduce CO2 emissions as part of CSR activities.

CO2 Reduction ECO Action 15

– We'll start with what anyone can do, one step at a time. –

  1. Cool Biz and strict adherence to air conditioning temperature settings (June 1 - October 31)
  2. Warm Biz and strict adherence to air conditioning temperature settings (November 1 - March 31)
  3. Provide a natural ventilation period (April 1 - May 31) & (October 1 - October 31)
    Open windows and doors to let in outside air without using air conditioning.
  4. Thoroughly enforce restrictions on electricity use (visualization of switches, frequent unplugging)
  5. Visualization of electricity costs.
  6. Temperature control by blinds to save electricity.
  7. Prohibit the use of elevators when up to two floor and down to three floor.
  8. Stopping air-conditioning and turning off lights in non-overtime departments during overtime hours.
  9. Thorough implementation of "No Overtime Day" (every Wednesday)
  10. Collecting plastic bottle caps and sorting trash.
  11. Implement energy-saving mode settings for office automation equipment when away from the desk.
  12. Promote the use of own chopsticks, own bag, and own bottle
  13. Turning off lights at lunchtime
  14. Visualization of water bills
  15. Reduced lighting in business areas (30%)

Establishment of Eco-promotion organization

We have established an Eco-promotion organization to reduce CO2 emissions within the company and are implementing the above CO2 reduction measures.