Frozen Grated Japanese Daikon Radish

As freshly grated Japanese Daikon Radish quick-froze, it's sweet grated daikon with the fresh state and ingredients intact locked in.
Daikon is carefully selected from several locations in Japan. This ensures stable procurement and eliminates variability in the product.
The packaging material is flat for easy thawing, colored (white) to prevent sunburn and fluorescent burn, and automatically filled while removing air to prevent discoloration due to oxidation.

500g bags are available for restaurants and hotels.
For larger sizes, products to manufacturing companies.

Usage With grilled fish and tempura/ Lightly dressed with Nameko mushrooms, whitebaits, cold tofu or so on / in Mizore Nabe(pot) with plenty amount / with grilled meat and on hamburgs as oroshi source
Material Daikon radish, Vitamin C
Packaging 500g bags, 3kg bags, 5kg bags, 10kg bags, 40g small bag
Storage condition Need to freeze under minus 18℃
Best before date for one year from the date of production

Seasoned dried shark fin

Small shark fins are carefully processed and stewed in a special soup. It is characterized by its crunchy texture. Japanese broth flavor (20 pieces), Chinese broth flavor (20 pieces) and good value Japanese broth flavor (uneven size). They are pre-cooked and can be used as is.

Usage It adds a touch of luxury and glamour to sushi items, boiled dishes, and chawan-mushi.
After adding it to soups or rice with starchy sauce, it's ready to eat authentic Chinese dishes.
Material Sharkfins, liquid seasoning
Packaging 240g package (total gross weight)
Storage condition cool storage
Expiration for 180 days from the date of the production