Starch that is familiar as potato starch "KATAKURIKO".

It's the primary energy sources is which essential to our lives.

Starch is used at home to thicken Chinese dishes, and is also used in many other food products such as fresh and instant noodles, meat and fish paste products such as ham, sausage, kamaboko and hanpen, and snacks.

Starch is not only used for food.

Starch is also used as a raw material for industrial products such as paper and textiles and pharmaceuticals.
Recently, starch has been attracting attention as a raw material for biodegradable plastics (*1) that are effective in protecting the environment. In this way starch has a very wide range of uses, and it is said that the final product number is more than 2000 types.

Starch is a tasteless, odorless, white powder.

Due to differences in raw materials, soil, water, manufacturing processes, and management methods, it is very difficult to distinguish the slightly different properties of starch from the appearance. It requires advanced expertise and experience in starch, as well as scientific analytical skills.

When it comes to starch, it's Sanko Shokuhin Co.

Today, Sanko Shokuhin is one of Japan's leading sellers of top-quality Hokkaido potato starch and has come to be known as "Sanko Shokuhin when it comes to starch". It is one of the best in the industry concerning the handling of domestic potato starch. In particular we are proud of the brand "Suzuran", which is one of the highest quality among potato starch produced in Japan in that it is popular item of the recent situation which people calls for ensuring food safety and security because of its production areas, its stable harvest season, and the good quality control.
We can also propose original starch products that are best meet to customers' needs by making full use of the starch experience and expertise we have cultivated over the years, as well as our relationships of trust with manufacturers.

Large selection and delivery advantage

We can respond the needs of our customers in detail with a wide selection of products, regardless of the manufacturers. Our strength is that we can store many types of starch in one place and deliver multiple types in one delivery. In addition, since there are few departments specializing in starch in the wholesale and wholesale businesses, specialized staff with abundant product knowledge can propose precise products to meet the needs of customers.

For the further development of the starch industry

In addition to selling starch, for a time in the past, there were vendors who sold potato starch mixed with cornstarch, and the housewives' association complained about quality deterioration. So Sanko Foods cooperated with the Tokyo potato starch association (at that time). By making the display all the same, we have set a unified standard for potato starch.

Aiming to popularize domestically produced horse starch, Sanko Shokuhin is working with the National Potato Starch Association to differentiate it from potato starch made from imported starch.

Going forward, we will continue to research and develop natural and processed starches(*2) that are best suited to all fields and applications, and strive to deliver carefully selected, high-quality starches to everyone.

*1:biodegradable plastics

Plastics that, when in use, have the same functions as conventional plastics, but when disposed of after use, are decomposed by microorganisms in the soil or seawater to eventually become water and carbon dioxide.

*2:Processed starch

Processed starch is a functional starch made by physically or chemically processing natural starch. As industrial production of processed foods becomes more automated and mass-produced, as well as the expansion of frozen and retort pouch foods, it is becoming more and more difficult to produce processed foods using only natural starch. Processed starch is the solution.