A community-based base for food soybean sales

Taking advantage of its mild climate and diverse terrain, rice, soybeans, livestock products, fruit and vegetables, and other distinctive agricultural practices have developed, creating a rich food culture in Kyushu since ancient times. In 1986, Sanko Shokuhin established the Kyushu Branch as a community-based base for food soybean sales in the Kyushu region.

At present, soybean-related products are still our popular commodities, and we supply a wide variety of soybeans to meet the needs of users, from domestic soybeans to imported soybeans, GMO soybeans to non-GMO soybeans, regular soybeans for food products to variety soybeans (high value-added), as well as raw materials to leading manufacturers throughout Kyushu.

The soybeans that are particular about the production areas and varieties of Kyushu are popular.

As an emerging force, the map of Kyushu was gradually repainted, and the Sanko mark was distributed as an inscription.

Today, it is highly regarded as a raw material for tofu, miso, and natto, and has established a solid position.

In addition, since Kyushu plays a high role as a livestock base for cattle, pigs, eggs, etc., we have also focused on supplying soybeans for feed. We would like to take advantage of this geographical advantage and deliver further satisfaction to a wide range of users.

US Origin IOWA soybeans

US Origin General-purpose soybeans
We manage IP (separated products) and provide high quality soybeans.

Variety Soybeans

We manage various single varieties such as the United States, Canada, and China by IP, and supply stable quality throughout the year by storing at low temperature. We have a variety of high-protein soybeans suitable for tofu and deep-fried foods, and high-sugar soybeans suitable for miso and soymilk.

Fukuyutaka soybeans from Kyushu

High-protein soybeans suitable for tofu, fried tofu, etc.
We offer a wide variety of domestic soybeans such as Fukuyutaka soybeans from Kyushu, Hokkaido and so on.