Sanyo Egg Yokoshiba factory
--- directly manage egg breaking factory of Sanko Shokuhin

Insatiable pursuit of quality

The most important thing of supplying egg liquid is to deliver safe and secure product.
We launched a direct-managed factory "Sanyo Egg" in 1987 and have been gained confidence from a lot of customers.
We will continue to make daily efforts to deliver safe and secure products without disappointing your expectations

By acquiring ISO 22000 certification

To realize a hygienic production of liquid eggs for commercial use.
In addition to building a HACCP-compliant system, Sanyo Egg acquired ISO 22000 certification in July 2020, and is working to strengthen its management system. We are implementing consistent management by placing emphasis on human training, the creation of production process mechanisms, and product management systems.

Providing "safe and secure" liquid eggs

At Sanyo Egg we carry out strict temperature control and quality inspections at each steps of the process, from inspecting the freshness of incoming raw eggs to filling and shipping products, in order to enhance hygiene and management.

To meet customer’s needs

We can also provide original liquid eggs Sanyo Egg will respond to various requests such as product characteristics and shape according to the application. In addition, we can also propose our original products with an emphasis on functionality.