Sugar is indispensable for a variety of sweets and dishes

There are many types of sugar, including not only the commonly used Johaku to (white sugar) and granulated sugar but also San-on to (brown sugar), Shirozara to (white coarse sugar), Chuzara to (yellow coarse sugar), rock sugar and powdered sugar.

All of them are made by extracting and refining sugar from sugar cane or sugar beets (*1), but Various types and shapes are used for different purposes. For example, for Japanese and Western confectionery, baking, and seasoning, and also in large quantities for processing soft drinks.

“Tarama Island Black Raw Sugar” high quality, mineral-rich from Okinawa

Among these sugars, black raw sugar has been attracting particular attention.
It contains not only sugar as an energy source but also mineral substances (calcium, magnesium and so on), vitamins and other micronutrients. The effect of octacosanol (suppresses neutral fat and bad cholesterol) and raffinose (increases good intestinal bacteria) in it have also attracted attention, too.
Sanko Shokuhin handles black raw sugar from Tarama Island, which boasts the largest production volume in Okinawa, and is made from sugar cane grown on Tarama Island.

The Black Raw Sugar is produced on Tarama Island and made from sugar cane grown on the land uplifted coral reefs, surrounded by the blue sea and with rich nature. And it is made by maintaining the traditional method of black raw sugar production that has been handed down since the Ryukyu Dynasty era, while adopting high-quality hygiene control technology in the midst of modernization. So to speak our product is one of the best coming from the wisdom of our ancestors, the richness of nature and the development of modern technology.

When it comes to Black raw sugar, it’s Sanko Shokuhin Co!!

We sell Kokuto sugar nationwide including black raw sugar from Tarama Island, "Eitoku koku to" made in Guangdong Province, China, the birthplace of its production and "Okinawa koku-to mitsu" has a rich taste cooked with black raw sugar and water only.
As a company that boasts a top share of the black raw sugar market, we strive to provide high-quality products so that our customers can say, "When it comes to black raw sugar, Sanko Shokuhin!!"

Raw sugar is also used in our daily lives.

Black raw sugar is rich in minerals, and is familiar as a daily food in Okinawa and Kagoshima. Today, the taste of black raw sugar is popular not only in Japanese confectionery such as Karinto, candy, and Manjyu, but also in Western confectionery, doughnuts, and tapioca drinks.
It is also widely used as a secret ingredient in dishes such as stewed pork cubes, sweet-and-sour pork and rich seasonings like sauce and hot-pot broth soup.


Beet, also known as sugar radish in Japan, is a vegetable similar to spinach. It is cultivated in cold regions such as Russia, European countries, the United Kingdom, and the United States, and accounts for 40% of the world's sugar production. In Japan, it is cultivated only in Hokkaido, where about 70,000 hectares are planted mainly in the field crop areas of Tokachi and Abashiri.