Photo spot at Tarama Island

Tarama Island is an uplifted coral reef island located in the middle of Miyako Island and Ishigaki Island. It has a flat oval topography with its highest point at 34 meters above sea level, so there are no rivers and people use groundwater for their daily lives.
Surrounded by the beautiful blue sea and the rich nature of tropical plants and trees, Tarama Island is home to many sugarcane plants ranging from knee high to taller.

The sugarcane is planted at different times of the year, from early spring to late summer, and takes a year to a year and a half to grow.

We also encounter more cows and goats on the island than islanders. The sugarcane fields, cows, and goats that support the island are important treasures of the island.

In the Middle Ages, when the Ryukyu Kingdom prospered through transit trade, it played a special role as an important crossing point for navigation between the main island of Okinawa and the Miyako and Yaeyama regions.

The language and culture of Tarama are unique to the Ryukyu Kingdom and have been handed down to the present in the unique dialect and various events.

Tarama was selected the 39th village in Japan which is the only village in Okinawa Prefecture after a strict screening process by a nonprofit corporation "The Most Beautiful Villages in Japan" And then it's approved as a member of "The Most Beautiful Villages in Japan in 2010 in terms of the abundant and beautiful natural scenery of Tarama and the traditional culture that has been cherished since ancient times.

Tarama is an island of world-class beauty.