the most important thing in supplying chicken eggs

The most important thing in supplying chicken eggs is to deliver safe and secure products. To that end we think it is important how to keep the quality of chicken eggs during whole process from production to consumption.

We are working to build a highly quality control system in cooperation with poultry farmers and all related companies involved in processing and distribution.

Obtained ISO22000 and operates its own egg breaking factory

Sanko Shokuhin operates a directly managed factory (hereinafter referred to as Sanyo Egg) that boasts top-class hygiene standards and quality control in Japan as an egg breaking factory in order to stably supply more "safe and secure" products.
Sanyo Egg has acquired ISO22000 and we carry out appropriate management in each production process, manufacture products hygienically in addition to prepare a traceability environment. In terms of the amount of production, we are operating an automatic egg breaking machine that can break eggs up to 290,000 eggs per hour at most to meet the various needs of our customers.
We manufacture a wide variety of products, from 1 kg to 1 ton.

Our stance on stable supply

In terms of the supply of liquid eggs, we have established supply bases throughout Japan, mainly through Sanyo Egg, and have built a system to meet the needs of our customers.

In addition to Shinrai, our own poultry farm, we have secured purchase routes from producers all over the country.
We have established a system to ensure a stable supply in the event of natural disasters, bird flu, or other emergencies.

In some cases we not only use the domestic product but also import from overseas to meet our mission of stable supply.