Items Package
Refined Sugar
(White sugar, granulated sugar, brown sugar, white coarse sugar, yellow coarse sugar)
30kg,20kg,15kg,1kg,1,000kg, tote bags and etc
Beet sugar 30kg, 20kg
Tock sugar 1kg and etc
"Senso to" which is less refined, rich in minerals, more mellow and less peculiar than brown sugar. 30kg
Powdered sugar 4kg, 1kg and etc
Black raw sugar
(from Okinawa, Tarama island and Guangdong China)
30kg, 20kg
Processed black raw sugar 30kg, 1kg and etc
Koku-to mitsu
(from Okinawa, China)
24kg, 2.4kg X 6, 400g
"Mizuame" glutinous starch syrup
(Syrup which is saccharified by some acids, Maltose syrup, High maltose syrup and the other syrups)
25kg and etc
Saccharide product
(Isomerized glucose syrup, sugar alcohol, and etc)
Various proceeded sugar 20kg
(Namishio salt(for pickles and processing), General salt, Refined salt, solar salts and etc)
25kg, 15kg, 5kg, 1kg and etc