Proposing products based on long standing know-how and data

Oil group has achieved a stable supply of quality and quantity over the years, from individual oils to various blended oils. We are also actively engaged in providing information for new product development, such as reflecting customer needs in our product items, to help you create a rich variety of tastes.

As for processed foods such as Chinese ingredients and Chinese foodstuffs, we take it for granted that we provide high-quality products and more our data and know-how accumulated through years of experience and achievements are used to develop products.

Staff with expertise and suppliers

We are able to propose more detailed and specific products to our customers because we sell manufacturer's products in-house and then we have more specialized knowledge about the products compared with common wholesalers, and we are very sensitive to market information and market prices.
In addition, since we handle products from a variety of manufacturers, we have a wide range of products that are not limited to Chinese food, but are highly versatile.